Are there some warning signs alerting you that you are at or over your Red Line?
June 11, 2017, 5:00 AM

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

I drive a 99 Nissan Sentra so I don’t much pay attention to the tachometer. That gauge is pretty much irrelevant. When I turn on the ignition, I’m more concerned my car starts than the RPM it is producing.  70 is about as fast as it goes and that’s when it is going downhill. Anything over that speed it begins to rattle and letting me know not to push my luck. If I get anywhere close to the Red Line, there is a good chance the car might combust. Over the years, I’ve learned the limits of the Sentra, it gets great gas mileage and it’s a great “in town” car. 


The tachometer on a worn out Nissan Sentra might be irrelevant, but the gauges that exist in our heart, mind, and soul should be of utter importance. There is a Red Line that exists for each one of us. Unfortunately, we tend to consider our tachometers irrelevant also.  Therefore we have nothing to govern us, and we push our lives to the limit. We are driven, but don’t know where we are headed.


Perfection pulls us while fear pushes us. Deep down inside we also have this fear we are going to miss out. We are driven by our fears more than our pursuits. We’ve become rotten with perfection. We have this mindset that “If I can just get this, or if I can just achieve that then my life will be perfect….I’ll finally experience this FULL life.” We are chasing perfection with this destination thinking and it is driving us insane. We push and push and push hoping that once we achieve what we are chasing, then we can slow down, enjoy and be satisfied. But, perfection and satisfaction never come. The full life is nowhere to be found.


When is enough, enough? Where is your Red Line? What is God calling you to do? These are questions that often remain unanswered. Why? Because we never stop long enough to ask the questions in the first place. Knowing ourselves requires us to know our own Red Line. Without knowing ourselves, we will try to drive in a million different directions at lightning speed.  We just remain in park racing our engines. Our RPM’s rev, but our lives remain still and we are unmoved.  It’s hard to walk with God when we are running so fast after everything else.


We are chasing perfection as if it was a destination. But, when we look at how the Bible speaks of perfection, we get a completely different picture. Perfection is more about satisfaction than it is excellence. We need to develop a deep sense of satisfaction that centers on the process of our growth. God is more concerned about what we are becoming than what we are doing, but what we do is very important.  When we know ourselves, we never have to prove ourselves to anybody else. God doesn’t want us to be someone else, He desires for us to exactly who he made each of us to be. He has placed a call on each of our lives.


Knowing that calling requires the eyes of our hearts to be opened. Our call is simply what God has asked us to do and what He’s entrusted to our care.  We must know God in order to know ourselves. God will never do something with us without doing something in us first.  We can’t bypass the process.  What if we took the time to get to know ourselves: learning our strengths, weakness and pace? In order to be yourself, you must know yourself.  Are there some warning signs alerting you that you are at or over your Red Line?


This is my Prayer: Father God, help me to pause long enough to reflect on the pace of my life. Lord expose the reasons why I push so hard. Jesus I desire for my motives to be pure and honor You. Help me to learning my strengths, weakness, and the pace You have set for my life.  I desire for my life serve as an offering to You. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.