Shameless is a word that we need to be more familiar with in the Body of Christ.
April 16, 2017, 5:00 AM

When God says, “Call to Me” it’s an invitation to shameless and loud intimacy!  I can’t quite move past this point yet.  Shameless is a word that we need to be more familiar with in the Body of Christ.  Do you know why we don’t pray with the passion and intensity as we should?  I submit to you that it’s because we’re ashamed or concerned about what that looks like to the people around us.


How would you feel if your significant other treated you the way you treat God?  How would you feel if every time you wanted to hold their hand, they looked around to see who was watching?  How would you feel if every time you wanted to hug them or kiss them in public they looked around to see who was watching?  How would you feel if you were extremely excited about something, and you went to tell them about it, and they were like “calm down, don’t make a fool of yourself, you’re embarrassing me.”?


Did I hit a nerve yet?  Good because that’s exactly what we do to God.  When the pastor gives an altar call on Sunday morning, you know what happens?  You look around to see who is watching, and sometimes you know God’s tugging at your heart to respond, but no one else goes up front so you don’t either, and you miss out on what God wanted to do because you were ashamed to take a step towards Him because you were afraid of how it made you look.  I’m saying this, because I’ve done this before myself.  Can I get to the heart of that problem?  We’re full of too much pride!


Listen, if you’re too ashamed of God to go to the altar even when no one else is going because you’re worried about what so and so is going to think.  You don’t need to walk to the alter you need to run.  I just told you I’ve done it, so don’t think I’m scolding just you.  I’ve missed out on something God had for me because I knew He had something He wanted to do in my life, but I didn’t go to the front because no one else did.  I didn’t want to look like a fool.  I was worried about what everyone was going to think of me instead of what God thought of me, and that’s too much pride.


We all know what Jesus said about those of us who are ashamed of Him before men don’t we?  “If anyone is ashamed of me and my message, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in his glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angels.” Luke 9:26 That’s correct, He will be ashamed of them before His Father. I don’t know about you, but I do not want Jesus to be ashamed of me.  So I need to learn to lay down my pride and whether it’s an altar call, praying out loud, or whatever it is.  I need to learn to not be ashamed, embarrassed, or worry about what everyone else is thinking of me.  We need to stop worrying what everyone else thinks and worry about our heart’s condition towards God.


I know if my heart isn’t right with God, I’m not going to cry out to Him with the passion that I need to. When I’m not right with God, it’s allows for guilt, condemnation, shame, and worry to creep in and I wind up feeling unworthy to approach God, so I don’t!   I let that get in my way of answering God’s call to respond to Him, to “Call on Him”.  How about you?  Can you hear God extending that same standing invitation to you? “Call to Me, My child!”  We need to get this point right here in our hearts.  God wants us to call upon Him.  Wither you feel like you can or you can’t, you must respond and call on God.


This is my Prayer:  God help me have the courage to approach You even when I’m feeling unworthy.  Lord teach me how relinquish my pride and respond to Your call, whatever it may be.  Jesus show me the relationship I can have with You, if I am willing to call on You.  I do not want You to be ashamed of me Lord, teach me to call on You shamelessly.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.