Storm (FBC Student Ministry)
Senior Pastor: Bro. Ollie D. Pierson

Proverbs 10:25  "When the STORM has swept by, the wicked are gone,but the righteous stand firm forever."

At FBC Haskell we care about our youth and believe they are an integral part of our community and our worship.  FBC Student Ministries exists to help equip and disciple students with their walk with Jesus Christ.  

Our Student Ministry has multiple opportunities for students in 7th through 12th grade to connect and get involved. On Sundays, we have Sunday Moring Bible Study @ 9:45am, Morning Worship @ 10:55am.  On Mondays we have a joint Bible Study with FBC Rochester in Rochester, TX.  On Wednesdays we have Youth Bible Study @ 7pm in the FAC (during the school year).


FBC Student Ministry Schedule


9:45am- The Calm Before The Storm (Sunday School)

10:55am- Morning Worship



7:00pm- Bible Study (Theology and Apologetics 101) in Rochester, TX



7:00pm- Storm (Bible Study)


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  February 2020  
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