What is the connection between truth and trust?
September 22, 2017, 5:00 AM

To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32

In our age of “fake news,” we’ve become increasingly more distrustful of information. We wonder if there is truly a reliable source out there. With trust eroding, we question people’s agenda and the information they are telling us. This hesitation extends to God. But, doubting our Creator is nothing new. It’s been happening since Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden and told not to eat of the tree that contained the knowledge of good and evil. They had everything their hearts desired. They experience unhindered connection and communion with God. They were given a garden full of trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food (Genesis 2:9). Yet, even with all this freedom, they were willing to give it all up for the opportunity be like God.


The enemy told a tale that God didn’t want Adam and Eve to be like Him and, because of that, He was willfully withholding knowledge (Genesis 3:5). This was the accusation. The enticing appeal was the concept that knowledge is power. It would make them, and us, feel a sense of superiority and control. The more we know the less we will have to entrust ourselves to another. Information overload occurred the moment the first bite of the apple took place. The enemy knew that if he gave humans enough information they couldn’t handle it and would destroy each other with it. And, we fell for it hook, line and sinker. We now find ourselves locked into a cycle that says if we just know more and understand more, then we will finally be free.


We think information will bring us peace because it buttresses our perspective and supports what we can see. This only creates a vicious cycle leading to nowhere. Why? Because one can’t give or get enough information to build a relationship. When knowledge replaces trust, we will never get to love. The truth is more than facts and information. It is a force that demands submission. Knowing as we ought isn’t a matter of mere facts. It’s a matter of trust.  We can’t allow our emotions, our circumstances or our limited perspective cloud our judgement. To authentically pursue truth, we must hold out the possibility that we might be wrong. This admission is impossible if we display a scoffer’s heart.


Scoffing is where skepticism meets arrogance. A scoffer seeks wisdom in vain, or doesn’t seek wisdom at all because they believe they are the smartest person in the room. Knowledge has the power to lead one to arrogance. Humility is required when we pursue truth. Knowledge puffs up while love builds up. Wisdom begins with God’s perspective. When you hear the word “truth” what comes to mind? How would you define truth? Who gets to determine was is true? What is the connection between truth and trust? What role does our emotions play when we encounter truth?


This is my Prayer: Father God, rather than trying to know all and understanding everything before I move, Lord help me to have the courage to trust and walk in faith. Jesus allow my focus and intention to be pursuing You and letting that encounter shape everything about me, both my actions and my words. In Your name, Jesus. Amen.