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March 18, 2017, 5:00 AM

Why am I in this relationship? To lead people to Christ!  

Why am I in this relationship?  I wondered that more than once.  Usually it’s when I’m looking at a relationship in which I’m feeling the need to correct someone’s behavior or someone has just corrected mine.  We need to remember that Christ blesses us through the people He brings into our lives, but these relationships have a reason and a purpose.   What is that reason and purpose?  To lead people to Christ!  In some relationships you are there to lead people to Him and in some YOU need led back to Him.   


Look at the relationships you are in right now, do you see what I mean.  Do see someone slipping away spiritually? Maybe there is someone in your own family who once was proud to worship God but now they have no time for him, maybe that person is you. Do you see someone who needs a relationship with Christ?  Did you answer YES to either of those questions? Then you’re probably asking yourself: What do I do? What do I say? Where do I start?  Well if our relationships are for the purpose of leading people to Christ, then I would say start with Him!


That’s exactly were Paul started, “Remember that Jesus Christ, of the seed of David, was raised from the dead according to my gospel, for which I suffer trouble as an evildoer, even to the point of chains; but the word of God is not chained.  Therefore I endure all things for the sake of the elect, that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.  This is a faithful saying: For if we died with Him, We shall also live with Him. If we endure, We shall also reign with Him. If we deny Him, He also will deny us. If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. “ 2 Timothy 8-13


When Paul shares with his dear friend Timothy, he starts with “REMEMBER JESUS”, then he reminds Timothy to use the Gospel, he refers to the Gospel as “MY GOSPEL”.   He made the Gospel of Jesus Christ his own personal good news.  Paul could endure anything because he knew that Jesus is Faithful even to the faithless.  He truly believed that if Jesus could forgive him, set him on the right path, and use him for God’s glory; then He could definitely do it for everyone else.  No matter where they are in their life. Paul cared about his own salvation, but he also cared about eternal destiny of the people God had put him in relationships with and couldn’t just idly watch somebody fall away from the faith.


Friendships based on God's love are important for all of us to have. We are called to love one another as Christ has loved us.  We need people who tell us Godly wisdom when we need to hear it, who will pray for us, and who will shine God’s light in our lives when we are in dark times.  Who in your life would stand beside you no matter what?  Who needs you to stand beside them?  Who do you know who seem to be slipping away? 


This is my Prayer:  God continue to fortify my life with friends that will support me in my walk of faith.  Lord help me to reach out to those in my life who are slipping away from You.  Jesus give me the strength to call them back to You.  Show me Lord how to call them back not just with my words but with my life.  Lord give me a responsive heart to those that are calling me back You.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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